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    Lapping days at Evergreen Speedway


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    Lapping days at Evergreen Speedway Empty Lapping days at Evergreen Speedway

    Post  g3t_t0rk on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:39 pm

    Someone emailed me about this and asked me to post it up!

    On an Autocross type track
    Entering the track
    People will check in at the east gate of the racetrack at the 5/8 mile turn two. Each driver must pay $50 and get a wristband on their left wrist. Each pit person will need a pit pass, which are $15 and a wristband on his or her right wrist. You can rent a transponder at this point, rental is $15 plus a deposit. Enter the track and drive on the 5/8 mile track to turn three and stop and line up at turn four. Pit and 5/8 mile track speed is 10mph.
    The car will be gone through per a checklist. If the car passes, the driver or drivers will get a number that will be wire tied to the driver’s rear mirror. This is the order you will run in.
    Tech list
    o Check engine compartment for anything loose. Battery must have a strap
    o Check the driver compartment for anything loose. No water bottles, floor mat or anything else that can come loose.
    o Check under the car to make sure there is nothing hanging loose. In general is the car safe to drive.
    o Helmet for the driver and passenger when on the track
    Starting order
    You will line up per your number. We will run groups by decade and you will know your decade by looking at the white board at the starting station. If you have number 6 you will start when the white board has a 1 on it, this will indicate that 1 through 10 are up. Number 2 on the white board will be group 11 through 20. Number 3 on the white board will be group 21 through 30. Number 4 on the white board will be group 31 through 40. Number 5 on the white board will be group 41 through 50. Number 6 on the white board will be group 51 through 60. If you have number 46 you will start when the board has 4 on it, and this will indicate that 41 through 50.
    Entering the track
    The starter will give you the green flag to start your three-lap run. You will get a checker flag at the end of your run. If you came up to another car slow down there is NO passing. Black flag = return to the pits and talk to the tech people
    Other flags, yellow = slow down and use cushion. Red = stop as safely as you can and wait for instructions.
    Leaving the track
    To leave the track go strait past the first turn and on to the 5/8 at turn one. Remember that 5/8 and pit speed is 10mph.
    Leaving the track for the day
    Please leave your driver number with the tech person and thank you
    We are limited to 60 drivers and we reserve the right to refuse the track to anyone
    More information
    Contact Richard Bizier at 206-419-3648 or Rick Hubbard at 206-310-2535

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